Here is part II of the guide to Vienna’s most bizarre museums. If you haven’t already, go check out part I. Pharmacy and Drugstore Museum This quirky museum literally looks like the contents of an ailing grandmother’s living room was temporarily crammed into a witch’s sanctuary. There are medicine bottles, trinkets, cabinets with glass shelves, old […]

I started this quest out of curiosity and my love for the city of Vienna, but what I found far exceeded my expectations. I don’t know if there is an unofficial limit to how many bizarre museums one city (with a total of 1,8 mill inhabitants, as opposed to London’s 8,6) could possibly build, but […]

Runaway // Alice Munro © Andrew Testa   Runaway, published in 2001 by Macmillan & Stewart, garnered Alice Munro a host a prizes and accolades, including the Giller Prize and Roger Writer’s Trust Fiction Prize. Over the course of only eight stories, Alice Munro manages to map out incredibly cinematic Canadian landscapes and paint her stories […]

Perhaps Cicely Mary Barker’s most known illustration is the above The Pink Fairies from Flower Fairies of the Garden (1944)   I have been wanting to write an article of this nature for some time, originally looking into personal childhood favourites like Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince and the many illustrated books by Beatrix Potter. Then somewhere […]

The Boscolo Budapest Hotel is everything I imagine Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel would look like in real life. The gorgeous Art Nouveau-style building from the 1890s provide an air of adventure, luxury and old-world glamour, just like the dreamy pink creation at the top of the hill in Anderson’s 2014 feature film. This lobby […]

This is just a little post to express my gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to read my articles, with some even leaving a comment and complimenting me with a star. Thank you so much for your support, it is and always has been greatly appreciated. I realise that I have recently been […]

Little Alhambra as the villa is called, was the home and last residence of the famous Norwegian composer and violinist Ole Bull, whose eccentric personality might have inspired Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. The villa is today a museum and frequent concert venue for classical music enthusiasts. The Lysøen island can only be reached by boat from […]